About The Singing Cowgirl

How It All Began

It all started at the age of 11. My idol was John Denver. I  told myself if John Denver can play a guitar, then so can I! After many hours  of intense practicing (and even though my fingers were killing me), I  finally learned to master the guitar. I think singing along to all those John Denver albums made my vocal cords pretty strong, too I do have an "ear for music", and discovered I could play songs just by listening to them. 

About my Guitars

I graduated from a very old student size folk guitar to a Harmony acoustic guitar (a gift from my parents, purchased through the Sears catalog). When I was 14, I bought a Guild 12-string guitar from a gentleman in St.  Peter who needed the cash in order to put a new transmission in his car.  It's the same model that John Denver played. I loved it! Finally, when I was 16 my Mom and I purchased the  "Cadillac" model of a Yamaha acoustic guitar, which I still play today. 

Where I Perform

I've been performing live since junior high school. I love bringing the magic of John Denver's music to retirement communities in Minnesota and beyond. I have performed in local fairs, the State Fair, Jackpot Junction contests, Ribfest, the Coffee Hag, live radio spots, malls, and many private parties. I did a video for a Nashville TV show, "Nashville Starseek," in 1996 and finished 61st out of 450 participants. I also perform on trail rides, singing telegrams, bonfires, and kids parties.

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